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Titled: Apprehension
Created By: X_angawhomps for CB
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Friday, January 13, 2006
FMA Characters 2


A chimera that followed Greed. He was a member of Martel's team in Ishbal (though one wonders how). He was fused with a lizard, enabling him to have a firm grip on surfaces when climbing and using his tail as a weapon. He was originally sent to retrieve the Elric brothers for Greed's wish to annoy the other Homocunli pursing them, but instead he reported about the new Homoculus Wrath and his abilty to perform alchemy which Greed was interested in. Biddo is often seen near Kimblee and seemed to be the only one in Greed's group to trust him, though it was more likely he just likes watching things "go BOOM." Biddo met his end when he was gunned down by the military while escaping with Greed as part of Archer's order to "sanitize" the Devil's Nest during the Military raid of the Tavern.


A loyal Chimera that swore loyalty to Greed. Much like Nina, he was fused with a dog but retained his human appearance. Because he is part dog, he can use his newfound speed along with his great swordsmanship, and his sense of smell is superior to that of a normal human. He was killed by the Homunculi when he fought them to give Greed safe passage to Dante.


One of the Chimeras that joined Greed to get revenge on the military for what they did to her. She, Dolcetto, and Roa were part of the Amestris Special Forces, whose defiling of an Ishbal temple and killing everyone in it was the real catalyst for the war. Her unit was sent to the 5th Laboratory to keep them quiet, on the suggestion of Zolf J. Kimblee and the supervision of Basque Grand. There they became test subjects in Chimera research. Martel was fused with a snake, giving her enhanced agility, the ability to contort/move her body like a snake, and the ability to stretch her arms long distances.

Nina Tucker

She was Shou Tucker’s only daughter, she idolized him. She was two years old when her mother "went away." Nina is unaware of what really happened to her, or her father's real reason for feeling so guilty for her leaving. Two years later, when the Elric brothers were living with the Tuckers, Nina was like the little sister they never had. She loved to play outside with the family dog, Alexander. Unfortunately, when her father's State Alchemist evaluation was coming up, Basque forced Tucker to do something he hoped to never do again: create another talking chimera by fusing the Nina and Alexander, repeating the same horrible act his wife was put through. After that, Shou went slightly insane from the selfish act of putting himself ahead of his one and only child. Despite Ed's intent to restore Nina, Shou explained the fusion was perfect, so separation could harm or even kill the girl and her dog. Confused and scared when Basque had her taken to the 5th Laboratory for "treatment", 'Nina-chimera' ran away and encountered Scar who killed her out of mercy (destroying her from inside out).

A chimera that follows Greed. He was fused with a bull, making him as strong as one. He wields a hammer as his weapon and has an ability to transform into a steroid enhanced version of himself with more bull-like aspects like horns. He was killed by the Homunculi when he fought them to give Greed safe passage to Dante.

Shou Tucker

He was formely known as the Sewing Life Alchemist (another translation of his name is "Stitching" so it can be assumed that Sewing is his title, as in he stiches life into the chimeras he creates). He became famous after producing a chimera that could speak, if only one sentence; 'I want to die'. The chimera eventually starved itself to death. Tucker hosted the Elric brothers while they studied for the State Alchemist exams until Ed found out that Shou used his wife to create the chimera. To keep his position as a State Alchemist and pressured by Basque Grand, Shou used his daughter Nina, and the family dog in the creation of a new talking chimera. When the Elric brothers arrived too late to stop him, Shou explained to an enraged Ed that he would have lost Nina either way and has no one to comfort him, and that as a scientist, he can't help but try what might be possible; he points out that Ed himself attempted forbidden human transmutation.



An effeminate figure with a dry wit, Envy has the ability to assume the form of any person and copy their voice. He also displays high agility, feats of superhuman strength when enraged, and the power to manipulate his body to form weapons. Envy claims that he has forgotten what he originally looked like (a teenage Hohenheim in the anime), but in truth chose not to revert to his human form out of hatred for his "father," whom he resembled. As the oldest surviving Homunculus, he is most comfortable in the "adorable" form of a young androgynous male. Envy's most valued contribution(s) to Dante and the others' cause is impersonation, gathering information unnoticed, and using his abilty to change form to carry out efficient assassinations. Envy's favored technique for murdering humans is to impersonate someone the target cares deeply for, and use their natural hesitation as the opportunity needed to kill them. In this way he was able to kill Maes Hughes before he could reveal the identity of Juliet Douglas to Mustang and the Elrics. He hates all humankind and follows Dante mostly for the opportunity of killing more people. Envy, unlike the other Homunculi, does not care about the Philsopher's Stone... or becoming human. His longtime grudge against Greed made Envy a key figure in his imprisonment within the 5th Laboratory.


He is one of the older Homunculi. In the anime, he is old enough to have been familiar to Greed but young enough that he doesn't recognize Hohenheim. He has the total mentality of a child and has a very dependent nature. True to his name, he is always eager to eat anything, or anyone, living or dead. In the anime version, he is physically very strong, with agility disproportionate to his size. The muscles in his jaws are also very powerful and his saliva is acidic, dissolving even the toughest metals to feed his ravenous appetite. He emotionally latches onto Lust and takes direction from her. Little is known of his past, though Dante said that Gluttony was created solely to make a Philosopher's Stone from those he consumed. After Lust dies, Gluttony is traumatized, and tired of hearing him cry over the fallen Lust, Dante transmutes Gluttony to a mindless monster, devoted only to his boundless appetite, making eating Al and the perfection of the Philosopher's Stone in his stomach that much simpler.


A slick character, a ladies' man and all-around arrogant fellow, Greed is the ancient Homunculus known as the "Ultimate Shield". He is able to make himself impervious to harm by rearranging the bonds between the carbon atoms in his body and changing his skin into an unnamed carbon-based substance (presumably black diamond or carbon steel), which gives him the appearance of an black-skinned monster. Interestingly, when in this form he does not move his mouth when he speaks, but does when he laughs. Unlike the other homunculi (except Envy), Greed has no interest in the Philosopher's Stone, and is more interested in money, women, and power (hence his name). Greed is the second oldest of the Homunculi at the time of the story, younger than Envy.


Sultry and cool-headed, Lust is the first of the Homunculi encountered in the series. Her title is "Ultimate Lance." Her fingers (actually her fingernails/tips) are able to extend into razor sharp blades which can slice through almost anything. She has also lashed out thin projectiles from her fingertips from time to time (which are never physically seen and are depicted as a glimmering strand no thicker than the breadth of hair) although it is possible they are only her fingernails in their traditional use.


In the anime, he is King Bradley, the political and military ruler of Amestris holding the official title of president, also called "Führer." Created by Dante, he controls the country and directs its military in secret to further her ends. His Ouroburos tattoo is on his left eye, which Pride covers with an eye patch. His "Ultimate Eye" gives him the foresight to see all possible outcomes of a given situation, allowing him to predict the moves of any opponent before they happen. Dante considered him her finest creation - the only Homunculus who could appear to age like a normal human. Pride is younger than Greed and Envy while he is older than Sloth, Wrath and Lust.


The youngest Homunculus in the anime. She assumed the identity of Colonel Juliet Douglas, a soldier who was said to have sparked the Ishbal War by killing an unarmed Ishbal child (yet mysteriously died two years before the war had started). Through manipulation and plotting with Pride, she became his secretary - serving as his emissary/executive assistant. Sloth is hydrokinetic and is watery in composition (as all homunculi powers match up with the laws of alchemy one can only assume that Sloth can control the color and pressure of her body or can perform some form of self-transmutation that converts her aqueous body into flesh and blood). This allows her her to travel rapidly through water, and use water based attacks such as drowning her victims with her limbs and making a spinning waterspout to attack. She was created by the Elric brothers when they tried to resurrect their mother, Trisha Elric. For this reason, she looks exactly like her. She is haunted by the memories of her "life" as Trisha, and believes that killing the Elric brothers should stop the pain.


In the anime he is the second youngest Homunculus. With the appearance of a ten to fourteen year-old child, he is exceptional as he possesses the ability to perform alchemy (unlike the other Homunculi), and is unique even among most alchemists in that he can transmute without a transmutation circle. He can do this because of his right arm and left leg, which originally belonged to Edward Elric. He can also fuse his body's form with other objects, whether or not the objects are organic. In one instance, Wrath accidentally fused himself to the bed on which he was lying, combining his organic form with that of the bed's wooden frame and cloth sheets. Later he was able to fuse himself with Sloth. He has the ability to stretch his Homunculus limbs to great lengths, at which time his limbs take on a blue color, and appear similar to a large mass of muscle fibers. Wrath's alchemy stems from the fact that his limbs were once part of a being with a soul who never died (i.e., Ed). However, as they are only a small part of the being, his alchemy must, like the alchemy-like powers of the other homunculi, be focused around himself. He has performed transmutations on other objects without fusing himself, such as when he mirrored Ed's trademark lance, but these transmutations are simple. More complex alchemy requires him to fuse himself with the object or fuse with the transmutation circle itself, as he did when he activated the Flamel array he used to make Lust vomit up her red stone.
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