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Titled: Apprehension
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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Full Metal Alchemist Characters
Alphonse Elric

Alphonse Elric is the younger brother to Edward. He too has a profound knack at alchemy, but is not a state alchemist, which allows him to do certain things that Edward cannot do. Of the two brothers, Alphonse would be the kinder and more understanding of them. Through their trials and tribulations, he keeps his reckless brother out of too much trouble.
Edward Elric

Edward Elric, the older of the two brothers, is characteristically short. But following the principles of equivalent trade, what he loses in height, he gains in his abilities as an alchemist. Edward becomes the youngest state alchemist in history, a prodigal genius. As all state alchemists have, he is given a codename, Full Metal Alchemist, rooting from his auto-mail (artificial metal) body, his arm and leg. In order to recover his original body, along with his brother, he travels to find the philosopher's stone.
Hohenheim of Light

The father of Edward and Alphonse Elric. He could perform alchemy without a transmutation circle and was a legend of his time, but Ed holds a grudge against him for abandoning his mother. By the time he resurfaced to face Dante, he was over 400 years old. At some point in the past, Dante and Hohenheim had a relationship, which resulted in one child. This child died due to mercury poisoning, but was resurrected as a Homunculus: Envy. However, Hohenheim eventually left Dante, and stated that Trisha Elric was the only woman he ever loved. He created a Philosopher's Stone and, like Dante, used it to transfer his soul into a new body to live perpetually.
Trisha Elric

Trisha Elric is the loving mother of Edward and Alphonse Elric. However, she is pained by the long absence of her husband. During this time, she develops an illness that is hidden of the other side of her always smiling face. She is the one that Ed and Al attempt but failed to transmutate and bring back to life.

Pinako Rockbell

She is a master of auto-mail design and construction who also happens to be the grandmother of Winry Rockbell. She is short and always has her hair in a ponytail. Her trademark is the pipe which she grips in her mouth. She watched over Edward and Alphonse like they were her grandchildren after the disappearance of their father and death of their mother.
Winry Rockbell

The auto-mail specialist and childhood friend of the Elric brothers, Winry lives with Aunt Pinako. She is the creator of Edward's auto-mail and its mechanic. Orphaned by the death of her parents during a civil war, Winry stays with Pinako learning the tricks of the trade in terms of auto-mail. She lives with her grandmother and pet dog in Resembool.


Dante was Izumi Curtis' alchemy instructor. Several hundred years ago, Dante was Hohenheim's original lover. She had cheated death for centuries by transferring her soul into other bodies by using the Philosopher's Stone. However, the transfer was imperfect, as Dante's soul eroded with each transfer causing each new body to decay more quickly than the last. She can perform alchemy without a transmutation circle, an ability she gained at an unknown time in the past. She uses the symbol of a winged snake fixed on a cross which is passed on to Izumi, and then to the Elric brothers. It is meaningful that the symbol is the opposite of the
Ouroboros worn by the Homunculi. It represents a fixation of the volatile principal in alchemy as opposed to the endless cycle represented by Ouroboros.

Izumi Curtis

She is the powerful alchemist who took the eager Elric brothers on as students shortly after their mother's passing. The red tattoo on her chest is the same insignia that appears on Edward's coat and the left shoulder of Alphonse's armor. The insignia is passed on from teacher to student as Dante, Izumi's Alchemy teacher, also displayed the symbol. The symbol, a winged snake fixed on a cross, is literally the opposite of the
Ouroboros worn by the Homunculi. Izumi is an extremely strong woman, both emotionally and physically: along with her talent for alchemy, Izumi is also an accomplished martial artist. The Elric brothers are taught with her own unique form of sparring combined with philosophy to gain a fuller understanding of alchemy. Unfortunately, she will snap at anyone at any given time, making her downright scary. She is married to Sieg Curtis, a husky and well-built butcher of few words.

Rosé Thomas

Rosé is from the city of Liore in a remote region of the East. She was one of devout followers of Cornello's teachings because she felt that he would use his powers to bring her boyfriend, Kain, back to life. However, she is shocked when all Cornello is able to produce is a talking parrot chimera, which was going to eat her before Al intervened. With her hope shattered, Rosé was forced to start over and persevere through hard times when the military intervened in Liore. Rose was imprisoned by the military. Though not said directly, it is assumed by many that Rosé was raped repeatedly and that the trauma of her ordeal left her mute. When she is next shown, she is free and has a child. Scar uses her as the symbol of hope for the people of Liore, referred as the Holy Mother. Later, seeing Edward paralyzed at the sight of Sloth, Rosé gets her voice back and uses what he told her before to snap him out of it. She became targeted as Dante's next vessel with the new Philosopher's Stone and her baby is used by Dante to open the Gate.

He is known only as Scar because of the unique scar on his face. He often places himself in a position to act as a judge and messenger of his God, Ishbala, by killing Nationally Certified Alchemists. The tattoo on his right arm conceals the power of destruction bestowed upon him by his brother. The fates of Scar and the Elric brothers appears to be intertwined as they cross paths often. Their relationship seems to change upon each meeting depending on the circumstances.

Major General Hakuro

He is one of the top-ranking officers in the military. Near the beginning of the series, he is held hostage on a train by Bald while he is returning home from vacation. He also proctored Edward's first Alchemist Exam, as his way of repaying the boy. Hakuro, along with the Führer and Colonel Mustang, were among the selcted group of officers judging Edward's practical skills test during the alchemy exam. Shortly thereafter General Hakuro promoted Mustang and Hawkeye one level, and reassigned them to the Eastern Territories to help clean up Lieutenant Yoki's mess. He was later seen leading the military in Lior after Envy, disguised as the Prophet Cornello, rallied the people into a civil war. It was General Hakuro who took Rose hostage and he was ultimately responsible for her being raped repeatedly.

Briagadier General Basque Grand a.k.a Iron Blood Alchemist

He is able to transmute the iron in his blood to an assortment of guns and other weapons. The leading proponent for using the Philosopher's Stone for military applications, Grand was the one who had Marcoh's research be used in the Ishbal War. With his power augmented, Grand could turn his entire body into an enormous pillar of cannons, with only his face visible. After Marcoh went AWOL, Grand was enraged for losing such power and decided to forge his own Philosopher's Stone. Grand was also in charge of the "defunct" Laboratory 5 in Central, which he ran in hope of creating a Philospher’s Stone for his own purposes. It was Grand who forced Shou Tucker to use his daughter in his Chimera project, intending to use the chimeras created in the 5th Lab and findings on the Philosopher’s Stone for his own ends. After Ed and Al located Dr. Marcoh, Grand and his men arrived to take the Doctor into state custody to force him to resume work on the Philospher's Stone. Unfortunately, Grand’s car was intercepted by Scar, who killed Grand before he could see his ambitions realized.

Lt. Colonel Roy Mustang a.k.a. Flame Alchemist

Roy Mustang is a state alchemist, specializing in flame alchemy. He has achieved his rank from his prior achievements during the eastern Ishbal war. His alchemy resides with the use of his fiber-synthetic gloves, which have a transmutation circle sewn into them. At first glance, Roy is nothing more than a cocky man who would jump at the chance to see women in skirts, but in reality he is a determined person, who is not so easy to defeat.

Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes

Maes Hughes is a solder belonging to the internal affairs branch of the military. Hughes and Mustang have been close friends for a long time and maintain a deep bond. Hughes has promised to help Mustang climb to the top of the military. Even though he is often busy on missions, he is still a family man who is constantly thinking of his family. His family consists of his loving wife and daughter.
Lt. Colonel Frank Archer

Although seen as an extra during numerous military events (such as the burial of Hughes), is formally introduced halfway through the anime series as a replacement for the then late
Brigadier General Maes Hughes. Archer is in charge of Military Intelligence, and is very cool, calm, and collected; unfortunately, it would seem he is also a ruthless sociopath, with no semblance of moral fiber. Archer thoroughly enjoys war and all his actions are aimed towards preparation for future wars. Archer could easily be compared to Basque as far as morality goes. He is obsessed with becoming a war hero as a means of advancing his position. His actions are always aimed at pleasing his superiors and creating as much positive publicity for himself as possible. Archer is officially put in charge of the investigation of Lab 5, but quickly diverts his investigation into recovering the results of the Lab 5 research for his own ends. Originally looking for the Elric brothers, Archer quickly becomes far more interested in the homoculus Wrath and the survivors of Lab 5. Striking a deal with Kimblee, Archer obtained Greed's skull and then managed to storm Greed's headquarters at the Devil's Nest, where he found Tucker as well.
Major Alex Loius Armstrong a.k.a. Strong Arm Alchemist

Alex Louis Armstrong's large frame and quick footwork do not match to the appearance of an alchemist who possesses enormous destructive power coming from his knuckles. Many of his skills have been passed down for generations in the Armstrong family. Like all other Nationally Certified Alchemists, he is a Major in the military. He is initially assigned to watch over and protect the Elric brothers. Armstrong, extremely fond of his chiseled body, constantly searches for opportunities to flex and show off his body.

Major Zolf J. Kimblee a.k.a. Crimson Alchemist

He uses the chemical properties in the human body to create explosive fluids, turning people into living bombs. A sick and perverse man, Kimblee loved to kill numerous civilians, women, and children just to hear the sound of them exploding, with the nihilistic view that human lives - even his own - were without substance and therefore worthless. With the Incomplete Stone provided by Marcoh worn around his neck, Kimblee's ability to create explosions was dramatically enhanced. However, Kimblee's bloodlust was not satified; he pursued the escaping Ishbalans, killing some while inflicting inhuman torture on Scar, scarring his face and blowing off his original right arm. It was by the interference of Scar's brother absorbing his incomplete stone that Kimblee was forced to take his leave, with Basque Grand destroying most of the landscape via his own enhanced alchemy. From that moment on Kimblee was marked as the prime target on Scar's list. When he killed one of his superior officers prior to going after the Ishbalans Kimblee was sent to the prison next to the 5th Laboratory, sentenced to death. He was one of the prisoners the Homunculi and Shou Tucker tried to trick Edward Elric into using as an ingredigent to create a Philosopher's Stone, but Zolf blew up another prisoner to escape, exposing the truth to Edward.

First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye

Riza Hawkeye is Roy Mustang's subordinate, acting as his advisor and his aid. Hawkeye is very skilled in the use of firearms. She is always calm and cool, and not easily perturbed by many things. However, she is secretly feared by her peers. She is the only one of Mustang's subordinates that can talk back to him without any consequences. Perhaps it is because she has kept him in line on his steady rise through the ranks of the military.
First Lieutenant Yoki

He was in charge of the mines in Youswell and was a very corrupt man who rose to his position through massive bribes. His influence on the people of Youswell was profoundly negative: not only did he levy heavy taxes on the people, he also lowered their wages, virtually bankrupting the city.
Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc

Jean Havoc is a second lieutenant under the command of Roy Mustang. Often seen with a stick of toabcco in his mouth, Havoc is known to be a very trustworthy and reliable person although he prefers to remain out of danger and behind a desk instead.
Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda

He is good at chess and is one of Mustang's subordinates. He occasionally plays pranks on the other members of Mustang's group. He also has a talent for strategy games, including chess, go, and shogi. He is afraid of dogs, and mostly everything else.
Second Lieutanant Maria Ross

She is put in charge of taking care of the Elric brothers during their stay in Central City. She and her partner were assigned the task of guarding the Elrics due to Scar's return in Central City and his previous attempt on Ed and Al's lives. Almost immediately, she takes on the role of a parental figure. She tries to give guidance to the brothers whenever she can. She took a liking to Ed and Al, and risked her life to calm Ed down when he was absorbing the red stone material inside laboratory 5.
Warant Officer Vato Falman

He escorted General Hakuro back from his vacation and he works in the investigation department under Lieutenant Hughes, as well as aiding Roy Mustang at Eastern Headquarters. After Hughes's untimely death Falman begs Mustang to let him join the team, and after thinking it through Mustang allows him to transfer with him back to Central. Falman is particularly known for his precision and data.
Sergeant Major Kain Fuery

Kain Fuery is a master sergeant under Mustang's command. He is the chief radio operator and is proud of his job. Because he is both gentle and a dupe, he is asked to fix many things at headquarters.

Sergeant Denny Brosh

Almost always seen with Lieutanant Ross, he is rather nosy and lazy. He also has an enormous infatuation with Maria Ross. He also has a resemblance to Ed. Like Ross, he also works under Major Alex Louis Armstrong.


Her responsibilities include organizing and keeping records of all of the books in the First Branch of the Central City library, but because she spent more time reading books than organizing them she was fired. She has a photographic memory when it comes to books, and her ability to recite them verbatim was a great help to the Elric Brothers for recreating Tim Marcoh's book after Scar's battle with Lust and Gluttony destroyed the library. She also helped Hughes recreate State Military files lost in the library until he fired her to save Sheska from the military's higher-ups. After Hughes's death, she tried investigating his death herself, and succeeded in learning the strange discrepancies about King Bradley's secretary Juliet Douglas, which is the same information that Hughes discovered before he was killed. Sheska explained her theory to Winry while Winry was in Central, and both decided to tap the phone lines to King Bradley’s Secreatary. This confirmed the discrepencies regarding Ms. Douglas, and Sheska subsequently fled to Resembool with Winry to escape Maes Hughes’ fate.
I'll be posting up the information about the Homunculus, Chimeras and some other characters from the movie and anime series tomorrow.
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