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Name: Haku
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Birthday: 05/26
Likes: Anime...net surfing...sleeping.
Dislikes: color "pink"...stupid people...


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WhaT iS Anime?!

New tO AnIme?! Anime (AH nee may) is a style of animation originating in Japan. It is sometimes referred to by the portmanteau Japanimation. Anime is characterized by stark, colorful graphics and stylized, colorful images depicting vibrant characters in a variety of different settings and storylines, aimed at a wide range of audiences. Anime may be broadcast on television, distributed on media such as DVDs or published as console and computer games. Anime is often influenced by Japanese comics known as manga.

d' LaYoUt

Titled: Apprehension
Created By: X_angawhomps for CB
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe ImageReady CS, Microsoft FrontPage 2002
Credits: Image from Aethereality
Monday, January 16, 2006

Pretear: New Legend of Snow white (Shin Shirayuki-hime Densetsu Pretear)

Pretear is about a girl named Himeno Awayuki who aims to live a happy life especially after the death of her mother. Himeno meets Hayate, and eventually discoveres that he is one Leafe Knight (pronounced 'leef') in a group of seven. The group consists of Hayate (Knight of Wind), Sasame (Knight of Sound), Goh (Knight of Fire), Kei (Knight of Light), Mannen (Knight of Ice), Hajime (Knight of Water), and Shin (Knight of Plants). The knights explain that the 'Princess of Calamity', or 'Princess of Disaster' in the ADV translations, escaped and sent demon larva to Himeno's town, and that the Leafe, which the larvae are absorbing, is man's life force. The only way to destroy the demons is for Himeno to become the Prétear and fight them alongside the Leafe Knights.


Princes Pretear

Age: 16
Birthday: July 9 [CANCER]
Appearance: Pinkish-red eyes and hair
Favorite Drink: Apple Tea
Secret Identity: Prétear
Bio: 16-year-old Himeno Awayuki wanted nothing more than to live an ordinary, happy life. But when her nutty father Kaoru goes and marries a wealthy business executive, Himeno finds herself living on an estate the size of a small country, with a brand new family that won’t even give her the time of day. But little does Himeno know that her troubles are about to go from bad to worse when seven handsome Knights of Leafe show up in search of the Pretear, a guardian of life destined to help them fight the Princess of Disaster, and save the Earth from Demon Larva and other Leafe-devouring fiends. Well, guess who just so happens to be the Prétear the knights are searching for? Yup, it’s Himeno, and life for this ordinary High School student is about to become extraordinary.

knight of wind

Presumed Age: 18
Birthday: April 27th [TAURUS]
Appearance: Blach hair, empty blue eyes
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Secret Identity: Wind Knight
Bio: The unfriendly and brooding Hayate appears to be the de-facto leader of the Knights of Leafe, and is the resident Knight of Wind. From the very beginning, Hayate is extremely unreceptive to the idea of Himeno being the Pretear and thus gives the impression to Himeno that he hates her. This standoffish nature causes numerous clashes between the two, but gradually, he begins to accept Himeno, though he’s still fast on the snippy and aggravating comments towards her. Very adept at using his wind powers, Hayate is one to gallantly rush in when all hope is lost to get Himeno and the others out of a jam.

knight of sound

Presumed Age: 17
Birthday: December 30th [CAPRICORN]
Appearance: Silver hair, dense purple eyes
Favorite Food: Brown Rice
Secret Identity: Sound Knight
Bio: Considered as being the voice of reason amongst the Leafe Knights, Sasame is the Knight of Sound, and definitely the go-to guy when you’re feeling troubled by something. A kind-hearted and gentle man with a soothing voice, Sasame hosts his own talk radio show and has an enormous fan base of dedicated listeners, including Himeno’s step-sister Mawata, who writes him regularly in hopes of Sasame responding to her letters on the air. Sasame is always there for Himeno when she’s feeling blue or needs someone to talk to, and tends to get the most work after the brooding Hayate says or does something to upset the young Pretear.

knight of light

Presumed Age: 16
Birthday: February 1st [CAPRICORN]
Appearance: Light blonde hair, golden eyes
Favorite Drink/Food: Unknown
Secret Identity: Light Knight
Bio: Highly intelligent and way too serious sometimes, Kei is the resident Knight of Light for our band of heroes. Despite his peculiar appearance, Kei is a computer programming genius, and is hard at work trying to develop a program for predicting the next location where a Demon Larva might appear. With just one look around his cubical, his love of himself becomes quite apparent, made manifest in the photographs, key chains, and desktop backgrounds all featuring his picture plastered all over the place.

knight of fire

Presumed Age: 16
Birthday: August 22nd [LEO]
Appearance: Black hair with red highlights
Favorite Drink: Chocolate Milk
Secret Identity: Fire Knight
Bio: Best classified as the hardheaded fighter-type, Go isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but as the Knight of Fire, he’s an exceptional talent to have on hand when the situation gets rough. Go works as a waiter at an upscale cafe, and sometimes makes special deliveries out to the Awayuki mansion—something that he will be a bit less likely to look forward to in the future after nearly becoming Mayune’s new man-slave.

knight of ice

Presumed Age: 10
Birthday: November 25th [SAGITTARIUS]
Appearance: Ice blue hair, sea colored eyes
Favorite Drink: Cream Soda
Secret Identity: Ice Knight
Bio: Always eager for a chance to prove himself, Mannen is usually the first to change headlong into a battle against the Demon Larva, to make sure everyone gets a good look at his powers. Acting like the de-facto leader of the three youngest knights, Mannen is overconfident, but extremely brave. While his immaturity and inexperience tends to earn him the scorn of the older knights, Mannen is still a valuable asset to the team. His confidence and unwillingness to give up, no matter how dire the situation becomes, makes him an inspiration to the rest of the team.

knight of water

Presumed Age: 7
Birthday: April 8th [ARIES]
Appearance: Orange hair, sea colored eyes
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
Secret Identity: Water Knight
Bio: Hajime, while not much older than Shin, is a valuable member of the Knights of Leafe, serving as the Knight of Water. He's rarely seen without his noticibly more headstrong older friend Mannen, and takes care of his younger friend Shin, acting as the core of the inseperable trio that the youngest knights form. Hajime sometimes helps Mannen scheme to come up with clever new ideas for countering the Demon Larva or aiding Himeno, whom he is always eager to Pret with.

knight of plants

Presumed Age: 5
Birthday: April 8th [ARIES]
Appearance: Golden Brown hair, Green eyes
Favorite Drink: Royal Tea with Milk
Secret Identity: Plant Knight
Bio: Shin appears to be the youngest and most adorable member of the Knights of Leafe. With his marshmallow cheeks and doll-like appearance, Shin is a major girl magnet when the guys are out in public. Despite his age, Shin still has one of the most important jobs of all the knights. When combat erupts, it’s his job to cast Beyondios, which creates a containment field that ensures that no damage befalls the surrounding area during combat.

Kaoru Awayuki

Bio:A tad eccentric in his ways, Kaoru is Himeno’s loving father. An excessive drunk who drove his family into debt with his bad habits, this washed up hack was once one of the most profound girls’ novelists in the country. After the loss of his first wife, his gripping stories had won him the infatuation of his new wife, the wealthy business executive Natsue, who had named her own children after characters in his book.

Natsue Awayuki

Bio: A wealthy business executive at the head of the Awayuki conglomerate, Natsue practically owns the entire town surrounding her lavish mansion. Besides being fabulously wealthy, there’s one thing in the world more important to her than business. That, of course, is her beloved new husband Kaoru. No matter what outlandish or uninteresting thing he does, Natsue goes out of her way to be lovey-dovey with her husband. Aside from being Himeno’s step-mother, Natsue also has two daughters of her own, who she loves very much.

Mayune Awayuki

Bio: Arrogant and snooty, Mayune, reluctantly, is Himeno’s 16-year-old stepsister. Bitterly displeased by her mother’s new marriage, she seems to take out her anger on her new stepfather’s daughter, Himeno. Taking every opportunity available to pull some dastardly prank on the poor girl, their sisterly relationship is poor, to say the least. Her shallowness extends further into her own relationships, making any man who can’t see her ravishing beauty out to be some blind idiot.

Mawata Awayuki

Bio: Natsue’s youngest daughter, the 14-year-old Mawata seems indifferent to her mother’s remarriage. Withdrawn and reclusive in nature, Mawata isn’t as arrogant as her older sister, but she’s not really inclined to give anyone the time of day, either. Mawata was deeply troubled by the loss of her father, and finds comfort in writing into Sasame’s radio show, which he reads on the air and tries to console her. Will she be able to work through her sorrow?

Mr. Tanaka

Bio: A dedicated servant of Natsue for many years, Mr. Tanaka was actually one of Natsue’s classmates back in their schooldays. Mr. Tanaka has had a huge crush on Natsue for many years, but she never noticed him. Mr. Tanaka is content being close to Natsue as her family’s servant, since that’s as far with her as he’s ever going to get. Mr. Tanaka is also a big fan of insects, being a great bug hunter in his youth.


Bio: Mikage is the Awayuki family maid, and has grown quite accustom to the family’s less than warm treatment or people. Mikage is always nice to Himeno, understanding how it is to come into such a difficult new family environment. Mikage is probably the easiest person to be around for Himeno while at home.

Yayoi Takashina
Bio: Himeno’s best friend since Junior High, Yayoi has a tendency of wandering off into fantasy land. Extremely interested in the Awayuki family, Yayoi tends to pop up in the most peculiar of places, trying to uncover what did or did not allegedly transpire between Natsue and Mr. Tanaka.
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