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Name: Haku
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Birthday: 05/26
Likes: Anime...net surfing...sleeping.
Dislikes: color "pink"...stupid people...


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WhaT iS Anime?!

New tO AnIme?! Anime (AH nee may) is a style of animation originating in Japan. It is sometimes referred to by the portmanteau Japanimation. Anime is characterized by stark, colorful graphics and stylized, colorful images depicting vibrant characters in a variety of different settings and storylines, aimed at a wide range of audiences. Anime may be broadcast on television, distributed on media such as DVDs or published as console and computer games. Anime is often influenced by Japanese comics known as manga.

d' LaYoUt

Titled: Apprehension
Created By: X_angawhomps for CB
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe ImageReady CS, Microsoft FrontPage 2002
Credits: Image from Aethereality
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ryoma Echizen, who is a prodigy in tennis, goes to a school called Seishun Academy Middle School (Seishun Gakuen), or Seigaku in short, a school famous for its strong tennis club and talented players. Because of his cool and apathetic attitude, upperclassmen challenge him to play tennis. However, Ryoma had won the American junior tennis championship tournaments four times in a row, and easily defeated the upperclassmen. Making new friends and learning new tennis tactics, Ryoma and the Seigaku tennis club strive to win the All-Japan junior high tennis team championship tournament.



Class: First year
Weight: 106 lb
Height: 151 cm
DOB: December 24th
Favorite Color: Silver
Favorite Subject: Science
Hobbies: Trying out different bath salts
Racket: Bridgestone (Dynabeam Grandae)
Clothing: Fila
Shoes: Fila
Nanjiro (father)
Rinko (mother)
Ryoga (brother)
Karupin (cat)

The rather aloof Ryoma is a student at Seishun Academy Middle School (Seigaku) where he transferred to from the United States. Although only a freshman, Ryoma's brilliant tennis skills had previously earned him a background of winning four consecutive titles in the American Junior Tennis tournaments - all in a little over a year. Due to his nearly invincible tennis play, at the age of twelve, Ryoma is already labeled as a genius.
He is an all-round tennis player and his special abilities are Twist Serve, One-Footed Split-Step, Cyclone Smash (or Cool Drive in the manga), and Drive Volley, such as "Drive B" and "Drive A" (or Drive B and C in the manga). Above all his Twist Serve is powerful. With his amazing control, the ball spins at the opponent's face with amazing speed and powerful spin. One of Ryoma's greatest talents is his ability to learn new techniques at an amazingly fast pace.
Although he is left-handed, his famous Twist Serve is only effective when delivered from the dominant hand of his opponents (ex. he uses his right hand when serving against right handed players and vice versa). He sometime plays the game with his right hand. This is mainly used as either a handicap for weaker opponents and as a way to test his opponents abilities. When the need for returning at a difficult angle or distance arises, Ryoma also incorporates the use of "nitoryƫ" or ambidexterity.
His catchphrase is "mada mada dane," literally meaning "no, not yet." Depending on the context, it can either mean "you're still not there yet" (to an opponent) or "it's not over yet." (Having been brought up in the United States most of his life, Ryoma is fluent in English, and in the manga, he says "You still have lots more to work on.")
Ryoma Echizen can be quite cocky and arrogant at times, but he is always able to back up his statements with his tennis skills. Often before a match, Ryoma will provoke his opponent. In the beginning of the series, Ryoma was not taken seriously by the other students at his school, and especially at Seigaku tennis club. Only after when he beat 2 of Seigaku's regulars did he gain respect with fellow club members. Because of his tennis skills, people are beginning to wonder about the "amazing freshmen." Echizen is a quiet kid, but he always stands up for himself and for others. If this means talking back to an upperclassmen, he'll do it. He is not afraid and is always ready to push the limits. Rarely does he get angry or out of control. Much of the time, he is serious, quiet, and untalkative. Sakuno Ryuzaki is a freshmen girl that has a big crush on Ryoma, but because he is so aloof, he does not recognize her feelings for him. Echizen is very popular with girls, and he does not recognize this at all.
At the beginning of the series, all of Ryoma's tennis skills were a copy of his father's; former tennis pro Nanjiro Echizen. With the help of his team captain Kunimitsu Tezuka, Echizen realizes he needs to develop his own style of tennis, especially if he wants to fulfill his dream of finally defeating his father.
With each match, it becomes apparent that Ryoma not only brings his potential to the front, but that he is constantly reaching a new point in the state of self-actualization - especially so during crucial points in a match. Although he views each opponent as a stepping stone of advancement, Tezuka soon becomes the wall that Ryoma has set up for himself in order to achieve actual greatness. We see a little interaction between Syusuke Fuji and Ryoma in the anime, although this is left somewhat unexplored and open-ended.
Although Ryoma has a rather tunneled vision as to whom he considers a rival, (Tezuka and his father) there are many that view the freshman as just that. One of the more notable examples of this in the anime is Kevin Smith, the son of Jintan Smith, the man who was defeated by Nanjiro Echizen. Kevin appeared later in the series in the "friendly" match between the U.S. and Japan. Kevin became obssessed with wanting to play Ryoma because of their pasts, whereas, in the beginning Ryoma regarded Kevin's threats with a rather unconcerned attitude.
Many of the characters in the anime, especially the members of the Seigaku tennis team, have very defined personalities, whether it be friendly, outgoing, passionate, or arrogant. Due to his excellent tennis skills and past accomplishments, Ryoma's confidence has frequently (and inaccurately) placed him in the last category. He appears cocky, but this is mainly kept on the courts where he employs it as a psychological tactic against his opponents. He is sarcastic in a lot of areas, yet quiet for the majority during any interaction with most of the characters in the anime, and he appears to be somewhat dense when it comes to human nature outside of tennis. Despite the boy's emotionless exterior, he does carry a friendship with his senpai Momoshiro.
He also (temp.?) gains an ability called "The Samurai's Eye", which allows him to perfectly mimic every tennis player's move shown in the series, which he uses in the last match of the japanese tournament.

Class: Third year
Weight: 58kg
Height: 179 cm
DOB: October 7th
Favorite Color: Green and blue
Favorite Subject: Worldwide history
Hobbies: Mountain-climbing, camping, fishing, hiking
Racket: Mizuno (Pro Light S90)Clothing: N/AShoes:
Grandfather (Kunikazu)
father (Kuniharu)
mother (Ayana)

Tezuka is the captain of the tennis club and a third year student at Seishun Academy Middle School, or Seigaku for short. He is an incredibly talented player who is one of the only tennis players to ever beat Ryoma Echizen in singles, and he went to Nationals the year before the series takes place. Always serious about anything he does, he can most often be heard saying "20 laps around the courts". His special tennis attacks include his famous drop shot "zero-shiki" that lands on the ground then immediately rolls back, and his "Tezuka Zone". The latter technique allows him to completely control the spin on the ball so that no matter where his opponent hits the ball, it always returns directly to him. Tezuka only needs to pivot on one foot to return the ball when using "Tezuka Zone." Last but not least his No-touch-ace serve, an extremely powerful and accurate serve that few rarely see coming and fewer can return.

As a first-year student, he was very much like Ryoma Echizen. Tezuka was seen as overconfident and arrogant by the upperclassmen at Seigaku due to his talents and seriousness, especially when they discovered that he was left-handed though he played with his right. A jealous teammate then injures Tezuka's left arm, leading to chronic problems. By his third year, it is mostly healed, but the doctor still warns Tezuka against long matches and using his drop shot. Tezuka considers his health secondary to the team's success, and reinjures his arm in a grueling tie-break match against Atobe from Hyotei. He is sent to a health clinic in Kyushu in the manga, and in the anime, a health clinic in Germany, where he hopes to recuperate in order to play at Nationals.

Special Tennis Moves
The Time
Along with his No-touch-ace Serve and Tezuka Zone, the zero-shiki drop shot is one of the reasons Tezuka is acknowledged as a National level tennis player. The zero-shiki is truly a trump card, and as such, Tezuka rarely needs to use this move. The few times he has had to pull off the zero-shiki have been because he is facing an opponent that causes Tezuka to rise to the occasion. The few players that have actually caused Tezuka to reveal his trump card have been Nationally ranked or players that have an extremely high level of talent. Among these have been: Seishun tennis club members, Seishun super rookie Ryoma Echizen,Hyotei buchou Atobe Keigo, Hyotei regular Munehiro Kabaji, and Higa buchou Kite Eishirou.
The Place
Tezuka can use this move from virtually anywhere on the court. However, it is most often utilized from the baseline so that when an opponent is expecting a powerful return and strays to the back of the court, Tezuka can optimize the success of the zero-shiki drop shot.
The Reason
Where a normal drop shot catches the opponent off-guard and could potentially break their rhythm, the zero-shiki almost completely demoralizes the opponent. The ball is returned in a manner that deceives the opponent into thinking that it will be a normal return, however Tezuka has accomplished the zero-shiki to such a level that he only needs to drop his racket head 3.2 mm in order to pull it off. Once hit, the ball then floats over to the other side and drops a foot away from the base of the net. This is when the zero-shiki's true power is released. As soon as the ball hits the ground, it rolls backwards preventing the other player from even having the chance to return the drop shot.Truly terrifying, the zero-shiki drop shot.
Tezuka Zone
What Physics?
In a world where tennis players can break the laws of physics as casually as they can break a sweat, Tezuka's Tezuka Zone holds its own among the top jaw-dropping techniques. In order to pull off this godly technique, Tezuka plants one foot firmly on the gound and pivots with the other leg. From this stance, Tezuka is able to place a certain spin on the ball that forces the ball to return to his position no matter the manner in which it is returned by the other player.
No-touch-ace Serve
Try not to blink

To any player that happens to have the bad luck of facing Tezuka's service game, trying not to blink is probably the best advice to give. The Prince of Tennis universe is peppered with incredible serves, these range from Inui's Super Sonic Serve and Chotaroh's Scud Serve to Ryoma's Twist Serve and Akaya's Knuckle Serve. For this reason, Tezuka's serve is not as renowned as the serves previously mentioned. In comparison to the others, the No-touch-ace serve is a very "pure" serve. All Tezuka does is serve a ball with extremely heavy topspin, pinpoint precision and above average speed. Yet, this is all Tezuka requires to win most of his service games.
Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami
The Imprisoned God is Released

Merely speaking the name of this god-like technique should send shudders down the spine of anyone below the National level, and even those at the National level acknowledge the superhuman strength of this technique.
What makes the Hyaku possible is the Tezuka Zone. Tezuka enters the State of Self-Acualization, or the Muga no Kyouchi, then he focuses all that strength into his left arm. Combining the Hyaku with the Tezuka Zone allows Tezuka to prevent the immense loss of stamina caused by the Muga release, and it gives him the ability to return balls with twice the strength that they were hit with. The extent of the Hyaku's strength was shown briefly during Tezuka's match with Hyotei's Kabaji in which Tezuka returned Kabaji's heavy hits with twice Kabaji's strength.
*i'll be posting the other regulars info tomorrow...i'm currently watching the last ep. of pince of tennis*
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